Twin Cities | Minneapolis St. Paul Offers Possibilities

The number of things to do in the Twin Cities is staggering.  We have a change of seasons that provides diversity in activities, the clothes we wear, lifestyle and all this makes life never boring.  The University of Minnesota is situated right in the heart of Minneapolis and St Paul.  This short video gives you a nice overall picture of just some of the many possiblities and the beauty Minnesota or the twin towns have to offer.

All Things Exciting in Minnesota!

Sota Blog is all things Minnesota.  That’s where the Sota comes from…Minnesota.  The focus at Sota Blog is on fun things: sports topics, places to eat, attractions,  places to visit, sights to see, buzz on great special events, cool photos and whatever comes up.  Minnesota is famous for the great outdoors.  We’d like to hopefully discover some photos for you to show that off.   Please, take a look around and check back with us. We hope to add fun stuff on a regular basis.  Thank you!

The life of a Minnesota sports fan is difficult right now.  In spring 2015, the Minnesota Twins started the season 0 and 3 and were outscored 22 to 1 in those three games.The 2015 Twins set the American League record for most scoreless innings to start a season at 24 1/3….that’s all-time!  Everybody wants to make the excuse that we have some of the best prospects in all of baseball in the minors.  Sometimes those prospects never get beyond the potential label.  So, counting on them isn’t too far from any of us winning the lottery. It was announced before the season our newly signed number two starter was suspended for drugs for the first 80 games.  Our highest paid starter couldn’t get anybody out in his first start and is having an MRI.  It could be a long season for the home state baseball team.  The Twins have lost 90 games four consecutive years…making it five seems likely, only 7 games in the Twins are 1 and 6. (This was written April 14, 2015)

The Minnesota Timberwolves finished the 2015 season with the second worst record in all of the NBA . The TWolves have not made the playoffs the last eleven seasons.  16 teams do make the playoffs and 14 do not each year.  Once again, we have potential and hope regarding the Timberwolves.  They have a young promising nucleus.  In the middle of that optimism is Andrew Wiggins.  The team hopes to build around the young guys and a high draft pick in upcoming NBA lottery.

The Minnesota Vikings have had losing seasons 4 of the past 5 seasons.  Many feel 2015 will see the team get back to it’s winning ways.  One mystery to be resolved is Adrain Peterson.  Peterson is currently suspended.  He wants to be traded. Many view him as the best running back in football.  So until this situation is resolved it’s hard to know how to evaluate the Vikings.

The Minnesota Wild are in the NHL playoffs for the third straight season.  The team started slow and traded for goaltender Devan Dubnyk.  His record in goal for the Wild was 27 and 9 during the regular season.  The arrival of Dubnyk completely changed the fortunes of the 2015 season for the Wild. 

The Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA have won 3 Conference Finals and 2 WNBA titles in the last four seasons.  Optimism is high for the 2015 season.  Minnesota’s own Lindsay Whalen runs the offense, provides leadership, dishes out assists, and consistently scores. Whalen was third leading scorer at 14 points per game. Maya Moore led the team in scoring and rebounding in 2014.  Maya tallied 24 points and 8 rebounds a game.  Seimone Augustus was the second leading scorer at 17 points per game. Former Gopher Janel McCarville chipped in 8 points and was second in rebounds on the team.

The University of Minnesota Gopher Men’s Basketball team is coached by Richard Pitino.  In his first season at the helm in the 2013-14 season the Gophers were NIT Champions with 25 wins.

In the second season not a lot went right and the team missed post season altogether at 18 and 15.  Four seniors graduated and 3 other scholarships are also presently open.  Pitino recruited four outstanding high school prospects and the future once again seems promising.  Presently this recruiting class is ranked in the top 40.  The critical question is: How will the remaining 3 open scholarships be used?  That answer will determine the outlook for the 2015-16 season and the following year as well for Gopher mens basketball.

The University of Minnesota Football team is on an ascending line.  Head coach Jerry Kill has the team achieving more each season.  The Gophers played in a New Years Day Bowl in 2015 for the first time since beating UCLA in January 1962 in the Rose Bowl.  The Gophers earned the Citrus Bowl bid in Orlando by going 5 and 3 in the Big Ten and finishing 8 and 4 overall in the regular season.  This was the third straight year the Gophers were in a bowl game.

They have, however, lost all three.

Coach Kill is in year 5 now and optimism is at it’s highest point for the 2015 football season which kicks off with National champion hopeful TCU coming to TCF Stadium for the Gopher home opener Thursday September 3, 2015.

Kill has had the same core of assistant coaches longer than any other college head football coach.  They have recruited a little better each season and now have quality depth throughout the program.  Recruiting for next season is off to a great start with early commitments from four highly rated in state Minnesota high school players!  Plans seem in place to begin building new sports practice facilities later in 2015.  These additions for most all Gopher sports would help tremendously.  If you can help by donating, please call Norwood Teague, Gopher A.D.  or to learn more  please click on the link